Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year in Review

Well it's New Year's Eve again.. and I'm sitting on the couch watching it on tv like last year. My honey always plays in a band at Timberline Lodge and I try not to go if possible. It seems that my options as an old married lady are not looking too good this year, so instead of getting all dressed up for nobody in particular I will write to you about my 2008.

And what a year 2008 has been!

I joined weight watchers, joined a gym, got a personal trainer, got engaged, worked, planned a wedding, worked, turned 31, planned a wedding, went to Yakima about 25 times, trained for a triathlon, got injured, quit weight watchers, worked some more, volunteered, started Take Shape For Life (my diet), helped my Mom move, worked, went to Yakima again, had fun with my friends, worked, planned a wedding, GOT MARRIED, went on a honeymoon in Maui, opened a crap load of presents, worked, watched my cousin Alison get married, said goodbye to my Grandma, had a super fun Thanksgiving and Christmas, and ultimately lost 67 lbs as of today.

What does 2009 hold for me?

I plan to finish losing weight - only 43 lbs to go! I plan to start my triathlon training again, start graduate school, buy a new house, and the rest is TBD.. I plan to have as much fun as possible and not take things so seriously.

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caitie/dana said...

Well, you certainly did quite alot in '08! But we all pledge to do more in2009 right? how long wioll resolutions last?! not long for us..........we just continue to.......chill. cjilling sounds good right about now....whooo power to 2009!