Thursday, June 17, 2004

the yearly review

it's that time again. june, which marks the end of the non-profit fiscal year, also brings with it a special nugget of joy.

the yearly review

sweating. heart racing. the inner critic goes into high gear. the perfectionist becomes a broken quivering version of their usual confident self.

and then there's me.

for some reason, maybe you can all identify with this, the theatre person in me thrives on the criticism process. i can safely say that i am mostly aware of my strengths and weaknesses. really, i don't mind and actually sort of like reviews. maybe because i'm not an overachiever at all, but more of a slacker. ahem.

here's how it could work:

(we sit in an empty espresso bar at 3pm, wrapping up what has been a quiet hour of constructive criticism with fake fruity smelling markers listing off my "pluses & deltas" on big white pieces of paper. delta means change.

liz (my boss): so, sarah, what do you think?

sarah: i'm a good communicator, i get my work in on time, my donors love me, and i'm very reliable..

liz: yes, but do you think you could get to work on time once in awhile? and what about that giant pile of filing that you haven't done all year?

(i scoot back in my chair and slouch down. the squeal it makes alerts the espresso bar guys that i'm still there, and uncomfortable. or bored.)

sarah: i will strive to improve myself.

liz: sounds good, now go home early! and thanks for a great year! let's hug.

(we hug, and the guys at the espresso bar roll their eyes)

..see, that's the thing about non-profits. they are so damn pollyanna. i was just getting warmed up on my faults, that's just the tip of the iceburg. but no, i have to go home and drink beer at 4pm. non-profits are a cakewalk compared to my college theatre department.

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