Saturday, June 14, 2008

blog frenzy!

I've been reading so many blogs lately. It makes me feel a little inadequate. Especially this one: - she is amazing.

Since I've been getting ready for the wedding, I've also been reading this cool wedding blog, which incidentally, there are very few Portlanders or even NWsters reading. It's - send to all pre-brides immediately. It will save their lives as it has saved mine. And it also gives us fiances (or "Beyonces" as Mark and I like to call ourselves) a place to obsess without ruining all of our friendships and working relationships.

I read Randi's blog, but since she's really the only one who reads my blog, it seems silly to post it here. But just in case someone randomly reads this - she's very funny, and she's my bff from high school in Yakima, WA. Yes, back in the day when we had giant bangs and listened to Bel Biv Devoe.

There are other blogs, but those are my favorite today. Please feel free to post and tell me your favorite blogs, oh mythical readers!

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Disco said...

AWE! GEE Shucks Sar! Thanks for the props- but I do enjoying reading yours as hurry up and get married!