Sunday, June 22, 2008

"hand cancel"

Who ever thought of such a thing as "hand cancelling" your own stamps on your wedding invitations. I read about this today, and it totally boggles my mind.

Instead of sending your wedding invitations or other important and pretty mail through the machine that stamps where it came from and all that jazz, you can ask to "hand cancel" them yourself, or sometimes I guess the post office will do it for you.

All of that to not get a little ink smudge on your MAIL that you are sending out. I saw a photo of each, and I suppose it does look a little nicer and cleaner. But HOLY COW GIRLS - is it that serious? Will I be a lesser bride if I don't do it? Will anyone notice???

How far am I willing to go, here?! I already have a chandelier, 30 paper lanterns in various sizes, a live funk band, and we're making a cd for our wedding favor. Enough is enough - I WILL NOT hand cancel my invitations. I won't do it! I'm taking a stand!


Disco said...

your making a cd for your wedding favor? And wearing a chandelier? And Live Funk BAND????

Yep- none of this suprises me. This is a Sar T Wedding Extravaganza.

It will be SO MUCH FUN! Can't Wait!

caitie/dana said...

Its those teens awake again from Two-Forty in the am again!!! we think, actually sugest that u put on your favor cds the song "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry, to add funk to your guests ears, if u havent already tied the knot.

we are glad u commented on our blg, aka PLEASE continue to because we are trying to attract attention to it, and congrats on you fiance'


Tacita said...

Well written article.