Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Ok people. I have been on weight watchers since December and guess how much weight I've lost. 10 lbs. Guess how much I've gained. 10 lbs. That's right, I've lost NOTHING in over 6 months. I'm trying to decide if I just keep on trying with WW or if it's time to find a new diet. I'm leaning towards doing a complete meal replacement plan and seeing if it works for me. I've researched it online and I can't find a single person that has anything nasty to say. If you find something, let me know. So what I'm considering trying is called Take Shape For Life. It's kind of a low carb, low calorie thing, but it doesn't look any different than any other diet as far as I can tell. The one thing I've noticed is rapid weight loss and really happy people. I personally know 3 people that are doing it and they are ecstatic.

My WW Group are really really nice people, and I love the leader, but I just can't give them my $13 a week anymore and not lose weight. I just think I need to remove the thinking from this process and eat the prepackaged food (just like going through the drive through, only healthier) and take my sense of choice out of it. I'm a mess. I have to lose over 100 lbs and I'm just not doing it! Please help me TSFL!

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Disco said...

$13 BUCKS A WEEK????? You can pay ME 13 bucks a week and I will come slap the brownie out of your mouth!!!