Saturday, June 21, 2008

a chandelier?

It appears that I have been talked into having a crystal chandelier topped with flowers over my head during my wedding.

Now, nobody helping with the wedding actually *HAS* said chandelier. Nobody wants to *PURCHASE* the chandelier. And nobody seems to know where you *FIND* a chandelier.

So, today Mark and I made a valiant effort to find a vintage one at a really cool place called Rejuvenations where they salvage cool stuff from buildings that are getting demolished for whatever reason. They didn't have one.

We went to Larry's Lighting Repair, which as far as I can tell is a very tiny house that is never open. All we got there was a nasty look from a lady driving too fast in the empty parking lot.

Then I came home and looked online. The guy at Rejuvenations said to check out Globe Lighting - a chain that hosts a few stores in our area.

I may have found one! More on this tomorrow...

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